By working at the intersection of user experience design & strategy, IT development and exceptional resource talent, we are able to deliver go-to-market digital solutions to automotive enterprises.

Solutions Development

We have a team of enterprise development superstars – full-stack, mobile, frontend, backend, you name it! – at your disposal to build digital solutions equipped with the latest programming languages and development frameworks.

  • Tech Stack (C#, .Net Framework | .Net Core, Golang, HTML 5, Angular, React, Docker)
  • Digital Platform Integrations (Salesforce, AWS, Netsol, SalesTouch, Autoline, Firebase, Sitefinity, Sitecore)
  • IT Architecture (Application Technology, Production System, UAT System, Legacy System)
  • Agile Software Project Management (Scrum, Kanban, JIRA, Trello)

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AutoSprint™ synergises first-rate sprint methodology developed at Google with our automotive know-how to unpack complex business problems, get answers and validate potential solutions.

AutoSprint™ comprises of the following UX processes:

  • UX Research (Usability Testing, Competitive Analysis, Survey Design, Ethnography Studies)
  • UX Strategy (Design Consulting, Stakeholder Alignment, Sprint Workshop Facilitation, Lean Six Sigma)
  • UX Design (Rapid Prototyping, Digital Wireframing, Ideation, Storyboarding)

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AutoSource™ is a support framework for both build and run team, where we hire talents with the relevant skillsets, then onboard, continuously train to upgrade their skills so as to contribute effectively in our client’s projects.

  • Resource Talent (UI & UX Designers, Business & Systems Analysts, Frontend, Fullstack & Mobile Developers, Test Consultants)
  • Management (Onboarding, Training, HR & Technical Support)
  • Domain Knowledge (Digital Platform Integrations, Digital Customer, Digital Dealer, myBusiness, iShowroom, Auto Financing)
  • Solutioning (Tech Stack, UI & UX Prototyping, Business Analysis, Consulting, Operational Process)

Agile Project Management

We adopt Scrum methodology to execute our software projects because of the following advantages:

  • Ongoing Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Better-quality Products
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Improved Stakeholder Satisfaction