Mobility on-Demand

Vehicle Rental, Leasing, Subscription and On-Demand system for Consumers. Ideal for Automotive dealerships, with pool of under-utilised assets, searching for alternative revenue streams in increasingly VUCA times.

Customer Benefits

  • Flexibility in vehicle usage and ownership
  • No long term commitments
  • No ongoing running costs associated with vehicle ownership
  • Accessible pricing models (by hour/day/month)

Business Benefits

  • Platform that allows for greater utilization of vehicles via a flexible access/subscription model to those consumers who need it most
  • Greater revenue opportunities compared to traditional leasing schemes
  • Provides steady flow of used vehicle stock for remarketing opportunities

Vehicle Selection

  • Easy and quick onboarding reduces falloff rate
  • Select vehicle based on financial budget, vehicle models, specifications and accessibility
  • View vehicle conditions, ratings and reviews
  • Intuitive vehicle locator provides quick direction to nearby vehicles

Vehicle Ownership

  • Remote access to vehicle via integrated hardware solution..
  • View bookings and billings history.
  • Reminder notification for booking and servicing.
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings.

This product has been used by Ford and Hyundai in Europe. For enquiries, please drop us a message via our Contact form.