We are crazy about cars and nuts about digital. It only made sense for us to focus all of our talent and time on developing solutions for the automotive industry. Since 2011, we have established ourselves as a digital hub for large automotive OEMs and dealerships across the world.

Our Mission

To transform automotive enterprises through innovative digital solutions.

Our Vision

To be a world-leading enterprise digital solutions provider.

Our Values

  • Passion and Commitment
    There’s nothing we don’t do without giving our 110% for our clients.
  • Doing More With Less
    Lacking time, resources and money? Not to worry, we’re good at maximising results with the challenging limits thrown our way.
  • Thoughtful Design for User Experience
    Alina Wheeler, the author of Designing Brand Identity, echoes our design principles in one bold statement, “Design is Intelligence made visible.” At Appvantage, we design user experiences by those words.
  • Being a Positive Team
    Smiling is our favourite! No matter the storm, we always believe there’s a silver lining. Our team is always ready to cheer each other and our clients on.
  • Be Innovative to Improve
    Iterate, Iterate and Iterate. We’re not afraid to keep trying until we get it right.

Our Journey



Our Vision for Mobile First

  Following on from the launch of the iPad in 2010, our founders envisioned a world where mobile apps ruled the day. Hence, in January 2011 Appvantage was born! In our first year we successfully delivered solutions for Daimler and Volvo Construction Equipment across Asia.


 Skyrocketed Growth

2012 was the year of growth, with the launch and rollout of Daimler Financial Services mobile apps across 12 markets across Africa and Asia Pacific. And to help support this growth we also set up our first overseas development branch in Yangon, Myanmar.


We Dabbled with Augmented Reality

2013 was the year we jumped onto the Augmented Reality bandwagon, building an AR app for Mercedes-Benz Accessories. We also further developed our relationship with Daimler Financial Services with the launch of a Customer Online Portal app!


Beat the Formidable Eastern Dragon


2014 saw us successfully expanding our talents to China where we set up a marketing, design and development office in Chengdu, Sichuan province. We also managed to retain our biggest clients on a long-term basis via designing and developing enhancements to their mobile applications and online systems.



Continued Growth in Automotive

In 2015 we secured two large automotive client projects including an Aftersales Service solution for a leading automotive group in South-East Asia as well as the 1st version of Digital Dealer Applications for Daimler across their APAC markets.


The Road Forward is Automotive

In 2016, the demand for our digital automotive services grew. We extended our service booking system apps to the commercial taxi industry, our digital dealer apps to geographically further markets and started creating apps for the fleet leasing industry. Hence, after developing mobile applications for various industries – from hospitality, food & beverage to healthcare – it became clear that our groove is in the automotive industry.


An International Company with a Single Focus

Ever since we chose the Automotive industry as our niche, we’ve been able to work with the sector’s biggest names. In 2017, we launched digital applications that did eContracting, recall booking systems and broadened our expansion to bigger markets. Therefore, we opened a EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) office in the United Kingdom to further the growth of our company.

By 2017 we had honed our expertise in Automotive and we expanded our international presence with the setup of an EMEA branch in the United Kingdom, further solidifying our credentials as a global leader in automotive solutions.


Building Our In-House Product Development Power House


In 2018, we started in-house development on products that span across the entire automotive buyer’s customer journey. Autosprint, our very own design sprint framework for the automotive industry, was also created and used to do consulting for other companies in the automobile sector. Furthermore, we strengthened our expertise in AR/VR and launched car sales solutions with such features.

After years of close working relationships with the world’s leading automotive brands; 2018 saw us branch out toward in-house development of our own products & solutions which span across the entire automotive buyer’s journey. During the year we also launched Autosprint, our very own design sprint framework catered specifically for the requirements of the automotive industry.


A Great Finale Before the Next Decade

2019 saw us grow from strength to strength. We launched a global point-of-sales system for automotive financing, an aftersales service maintenance tracking app for Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Singapore and an automotive financing app for Porsche Financial Services. Last but not least, we won an SG Enable Award for demonstrated commitment towards hiring and integrating persons with disabilities in the workforce.

Our Leaders

Eng Poo Yang

Managing Director
Poo Yang is a serial entrepreneur seasoned in scaling business and delivering design-driven solutions. He loves the magic that happens when his design and development skills translate into digital solutions that WOW the industry.

Junie Lek

Chief Operating Officer
Junie has a wealth of management experience spanning across Organisations, Projects, Scrum, Accounts for the past 20 years. Her superpower is making things happen when it seems impossible and our clients love her for it.

Derique Yeo

Design Director
Derique is a digital product designer with over 20 years of experience spanning industries from automotive, education, finance, F&B, government, healthcare, hospitality, travel and retail. He is well-versed in both technical and design know-how and always strives on creating the best user experience.

Werner Rossmanith

Werner has a stellar 35-year track record of international career achievements across Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific. Most recently, he was the Director of Finance across Africa & Asia Pacific at Daimler Financial Services.

Paul Bennett

With a wealth of experience being a vendor of proprietary market-leading SaaS products and having exited a data and systems start-up of which he was a co-founder, Paul has focussed on the Asset Finance industry, in particular Automotive Financial Services. He is currently senior partner at Madox Square LLP where he collaborates globally with automotive finance and digital enablement businesses.

Andrew Sinclair

Andrew is the MD at Fleet Matters Australia. He provides bespoke consultancy services to a number of tier one companies across the automotive services supply chain. With a long and illustrious career spanning more than 25 years, during which time he has held senior management positions with Toyota Financial Services, Australian Guarantee Corporation, GE Capital, GE Electric, Subaru Australia and Subaru New Zealand.