Guarantee Success before Launch through User Validation

AutoSprint™ synergises first-rate sprint methodology developed at Google with our automotive know-how to unpack complex business problems, get answers and validate potential solutions.

Instead of going through the process of requirements gathering to designing to developing and finally launching a product to realise that no one wants to use it, AutoSprint™ lets you warp to the future to see your finished product, in the form of a realistic prototype, and test customer reactions.

What Does it Take?

A typical sprint takes 2 weeks and involves the key stakeholders at only key stages that Appvantage will facilitate. All equipments required will be provided, you only need to be present.


Where it all begins. Appvantage will craft and conduct interviews with the relevant users and prepare sprint questions to kickstart the workshop. At this stage, all key stakeholders are required to be present. We promise a fun facilitated environment where everyone present contributes to the conceptualization and are aligned with the final user flow.


Right after, our UX designer will retreat back for a few days to his bat cave, armed with top-of-the-line design tools, and proceed to craft the hi-fidelity prototype. All key stakeholders will meet again when the prototype is completed for user interviews and validation. Through feedback, Appvantage will share the insights and further fine-tuning to the prototype may be required.


The final day has come when the polished prototype will be presented and all assets will be handed over. What you get at the end of this is a well documented, validated and proven-to-work prototype which will jump start the development process.