Finance Loan Application

Made simpler, faster, and more accurate

The Finance Loan Application (FLA) solution is the automotive finance industry’s
most comprehensive loan applications automation solution for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Be Accurate

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets, awkward and potentially damaging data entry errors.

Save Time

Our system handles your cumbersome manual processes so you can better optimize your resources to develop and grow your business.

Stay Secure

The FLA solution handles all data through a single point. Remove the hazard of transmitting personal data through ad-hoc means. Your customers will thank you for that.

Faster than
refuelling your car

A normal finance application can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Ours takes just 5.

finance loan application mobile view

See everything, anytime

Do it all in a single session. Process, track, edit, and monitor all applications.

Need to customise a financial package. We got it all covered.

An affordable, hassle-free solution

To get started, our team will work closely with you to setup the solution
in well under 2 weeks for just a nominal one-time fee.

Thereafter, pay only as you use for each successful application, billed monthly. 

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