Job: Business Development Manager

As the Business Development Manager, you will be responsible for the growth of the sales by developing leads through direct engagement with potential customers, Channel/ Partner development and engagement with various business communities.

Job Description

  • Lead Generation through Developing Business Opportunities within Business Communities through Direct Engagement with potential customers
  • Channel development with Enablers, Platforms or Social Media
  • Opportunity creation with Business associations or communities through Event participation
  • Developing Yearly Business Plan to grow targeted Segment or Vertical with Monthly Updates
  • Provide regular updates to internal stakeholders on Opportunities
  • Achieve agreed KPIs to help company meet revenue and volume targets
  • Maintaining current client relationships and identifying potential clients
  • Contacting potential customers to develop relationships and sales
  • Developing new sales areas and improving sales through various methods
  • Researching trends and creating new opportunities to increase sales
  • Maintaining a strong understanding of products and services, and innovating new ways to serve businesses


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business or a related field
  • Proven sales experience in a related product or service
  • Exceptional communication and presentation skills, and ability to express technical and non-technical concepts clearly and concisely
  • Expert understanding of service and product, and ability to innovate new ways the product can serve customers
  • Previous experience or domain knowledge in automotive industry would be a plus
  • Excellent organizational skills to meet goals and set priorities
  • Innate drive to succeed and take initiative
  • Strong organizational talents and ability to work under pressure and in new environments
  • Proficient in MS applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong in both written and spoken English

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