Digital Vehicle Sales Agreement (VSA)

Close sales quicker than ever before with zero errors

The Digital VSA solution empowers dealers to automate sales transactions quickly and effectively by handling the most tedious part of the sales process. 

Ready whenever you are

View status updates live as they update to track the progress of each sale.

Close sales in record time

Input data from trusted data sources, significantly reducing human error and administrative time.

Command & Control

One solution serves as a central repository and provides all the tools you need to manage the end-to-end sales process.


Monitor and audit all key activities via the activity log.


Customise consents and declarations to suit your unique business needs.

Data & Compliance

Your customers, your data. Securely store and manage data in line with the PDPA.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup?

The solution typically takes no more than 2 weeks for us to setup. Our product team will work with you to ensure your logo, branding, profile, and consents & declarations are properly setup. We also offer a half-day remote training for your staff. 

However, do note that may be some variance in how long it takes for the MyInfo account to be setup for your company. That typically takes 1 to 4 weeks. 

Kindly contact our sales team and we will happy to go through the pricing structure with you.

Yes, we do offer a free 14-day trial that will allow you to use most of the features. However, do note that the following feature will not be available as it requires an active account to function : Input customer data from MyInfo.

Yes, there is a digital form that may be used if customers are unable to use SingPass. During your trial period, the digital form may only be filled in manually.

Yes, that is possible to have more than one account. Dealers may also have different account types for supervisors/managers and sales consultants. User permissions will differ between account types.

A game-changer for all dealerships

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